Review of What Men Secretly Want

So what doe the guys secretly want in a woman? It seems that more and more women are eager to know what men want.

This is pretty complicated topic and it goes way beyond of what men want in bed.  But don’t worry we’ll cover how to please a man in bed soon as well.

What Do Men Want

We want you to be you. the best thing any woman can do is be herself and to not be afraid to show it. Be yourself and never change.

There is a reason why men don’t want women to change after marriage. We just love the way you are.

Now if we’re talking about compliments or guys or how to make the guys feel special than it’s a whole other story.

So how to compliment a guy?

how-to-compliment-a-guyMost men love to be appreciated and told we are doing a good job.  I mean literately told, not hinted, or mentioned in passing, just told how it is.

We simply can’t take a hint at first. Once we know the woman well enough this gets easier but for most cases we still need to be reassured we doing a good job.

This is why the best compliments for a guy are usually to do of what we are or what we do, instead of thing like that we look good in blue jeans.

Strangely, the best complements are usually with the world man.  For example things like:

  • You’re such a man
  • You handled that situation like a man
  • There is no other man like

This has to do with the constant reminded of how manly we are and better than all other men out there. Call it an alpha male syndrome.

How To Please A Men In Bed

Now the fun part, at least for us! Just kidding.

But in reality turn on a guy in bed that not not self obsessed or are still little boy is to let yourseld be pleased.

This goes back to our alpha male and how we want to be the best.

One might argue that confident guys don’t need to reassure themselves, but how many of those can actually please a woman?

In the end you are best of being yourself and feeling sexy.

Big Tip:  Don’t keep asking a guy if you look good or if you’re sexy enough.  We tell you that all the time, but if you keep asking we will start to doubt it too.

Last but not least is  to keep it fresh and even freaky in the bedroom.  This is something you don’t have to worry about for years but it’s good to keep in mind.

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